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Data Mapping as a Service

see your Business Data clearly

Let’s start with the obvious: Business depends on data. To be more exact it depends on YOUR DATA.

Do you understand what your business data is saying to you?   No… You need the Business Data Accelerator from SENYA. Now even easier to use with the MapTo service.   Aligned with Industry Models for Semantic context, MapTo will unravel the layers of data in your organisation, and present clarity and insight into your data , enabling you can make business decisions based on sound data based facts.

The MapTo service and underlying Platform is not your standard data mapping tool found in other ETL products; it understands your project data and the changes it represents and therefore correlates these changes into business standard language for specific outcomes

It consist of

MapTo the Service

We help you as part of a turn-key service

MapTo the Platform

Do it yourself, using our PowerMapping Products

Are you implementing Guidewire, TIA or Duckcreek?

and have 2 or more legacy platforms to migrate from?

1 - Align your Legacy

the PowerMapping platform helps you to rapidly align your data with one or more Industry Models

2 - Shape your Migration

4-6 years for current migrations seems a little high?…we suspect no business would entertain such a migration if it took that long…1-2, 3 years tops?

3 - Drive Outcome

Every month you save on implementation saves you significant money - ready to help you

Next Generation Mapping Solution

Map any project data to Industry/Platform standard Data Models, simply and accurately - being AGILE in Business

the Mapping Service consist of...

Simple Data Submission

Fully managed service that will do the Mapping for you. All you do is submit your Project Data Catalog and get your Model aligned data back.

DMO Dashboard

Using this Admin style Portal you can action events, see status and customise the service to your requirements.

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Submit Mappings via Help

the Mapping Platform consist of...

a) PowerMapper

The Mapper for easy Project based mappings. Contains pre-ingested industry models for seamless mappings. Various Industry/Platform Models to choose from.

Download and Use PowerMapper now   Online Documentation   Use PowerMapper in Cloud, mapping as a Group  

b) PowerValidator

Cloud based go-to online portal for validating data Mappings. Will certify mappings and show degree of compliance.

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c) PowerDrive

Cloud based go-to online Repository for checking previous Mappings – the learning repository. Get smarter, faster the more you map.

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d) Support Utilities

List of utilities available in the DMO. Optionally, data from PowerDrive can be exported with ready-made dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI for further Analytical analysis.

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Note! SENYA provides services & products in support of Industry and Customer Models and therefore Customers should already be valid Members/Owners of these Models. SENYA will only provide access once credentials are validated.

organisations also use our Platform to help with...

Mergers and Acquisitions

Know and easily plan around unknown Data. Rapidly align with your models.

Facilitate Product Mapping

Use Data Mapping in support of Product definition.

Designing Interfaces

Ideal way to design Enterprise Interfaces based on well formed understood data

Building Warehouses/Lakes

Amongst others use IBM IAA to define and generate your Enterprise Warehouse

Performing Business Planning

See your Business from a capability view-point supported by Industry models

Bolstering Governance

Ensure mappings and data standards are in compliance